Jason Ligas
Pella, Macedonia

It is in northern Greece, in the region of Macedonia, in the Pella valley at the foot of Mount Païko, 1 hour west of Thessaloniki that Thomas Ligas started his wine production in 1985, prolonging an old wine tradition in the region, with Dionísio appearing in the architectural mosaics of the Pella museum, passing by Euripides, who presented his latest work «As Bacchantes» celebrating Dionysian power. Trained in oenology in France, Thomas wanted to deepen and put his teachings into practice, creating wines that are the most just and harmonious reflection of the place. With the support of son Jason and daughter Melissanthe, the production stands out in cultivation by applying the principles of permaculture and in vinification by natural style. Jason, trained in France too, grabbed the farm with passion and innovation and reinforced his father’s first steps, seeking new experiments in the vineyard as in the cellar, with a wide variety of different wines. Local grape varieties Kydonitsa, Roditis, Xinomavro, Limniona planted in clayey-sandy-limestone soils are particularly prominent, but Assyrtiko, a famous white grape variety on the volcanic island of Santorin, is equally prominent. In the panorama of Greek wines, the Ligas family has an unusual dynamics and has emphasized Greek wines in the world of natural wines, in particular Roditis white, a grape considered by many to be neutral and without interest, XiRo (blend of the Xinomavro red variety with white) Roditis), Le Rosé (100% Xinomavro), the Bucephale…

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