Vinho à Deriva, Rencontre de Vignerons, 11 et 12 juillet 2021

Belém, Lisboa

Dear fans of the most robust strain,

The Gods have fun there in Olympo watching the Pandemonium that hits the face of the earth here, but Dionysius intoxicated the Bacchants and proved that wine has juggling powers to ensure, above all, that human encounters must be embraced.
For this reason, we invite you to participate in the VINHO À DERIVA – VIGNERON MEETING. It will be something that may have some similarities with VINHO AO VIVO, mainly in the root and sap, but also something completely different.

Let’s see:

Espaço Espelho d’Água, in Belém, next to the Padrão dos Descobrimentos.
A large, open space with an airy indoor area and an outdoor dining area. Over the river, 100 meters from À Margem, we stay at home!

Sunday 11th, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm – a beautiful matinee, guaranteeing the best hours of tasting. In Lisbon, restaurants are now forced to close at 3:30 pm on weekends, if for any eventuality these times change, we will do a new juggling act there.
Monday 12th, from 11am to 6pm – nothing like a good start to the week!

The fundamental link of the producers gathered in VINHO à DERIVA is the vineyard. They all grow their own vines in organic farming, without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Some complement their wine production by buying grapes from other winegrowers, but all produce their own grapes in a deep-rooted relationship with their land, to make wines from the vine to the bottle!

Viúva Gomes (Colares)
Vale da Capucha (Lisboa, Torres Vedras)
COZs (Lisboa, Serra de Montejunto)
Marinho (Lisboa, Olho Marinho)
Encosta da Quinta (Lisboa, Óbidos)
Quinta da Serradinha (Lisboa, Leiria)
Quinta do Olival da Murta (Lisboa, Cadaval)
Vitor Claro (Alentejo/Carcavelos/outros)
Monte da Casteleja (Algarve, Lagos)
António Madeira (Dão)
João Tavares de Pina (Dão)
Vila Rachel (Douro)
Quinta do Romeu (Douro)
Tiago Teles (Vinho Verde, Bairrada)
Menina d’Uva (Planalto Transmontano)
La Cadette (Bourgogne, Vézelay)
Thomas Pico (Bourgone, Chablis)
Chamonard (Beaujolais (Morgon)
Meyer-Fonné (Alsace)
Bellivière (Loire, Jasnières)
Vincent Carême (Loire, Vouvray)
Baudry (Loire, Chinon)

Due to the circumstances, this list is in constant dynamics!

Each winemaker will have a large table for 4 people, so they can talk and get to know the producer better, tasting them in a more qualitative way, and comfortably enjoying the delicate tannins. Each participant can change tables, just sit where there are seats available at the producer’s table. It’s going to be a nice chair game.

There will be the possibility of having lunch at the Espelho d’Água, which is preparing a special menu for this purpose, both snacks and dishes, with Angolan inspirations. Taking into account the matinee tastings, there will be a brunch version to start before attacking the wine.
Food is not included in the ticket.

All participants and producers will be asked to present proof of negative COVID antigen test carried out in a pharmacy within 72 hours before the event, with the exception of people who have already undergone the full vaccination, presenting for this the Digital Certificate or in paper format. We are considering the possibility of carrying out a test at the door for those who have not been able to do it in a pharmacy, with tests that we will have available, at an increased cost. COVID tests in pharmacies are now free throughout the country (4 per month), and it is necessary to make an appointment in advance as there are queues of people on Fridays.
Participants must also comply with the rules in force for restaurants inside the Espelho d’Água, as is the use of masks to circulate.

1 day: 20€ per participant
2 days: €30 per participant
Discounts: 50% discount for restaurant professionals who already work with Os Goliardos.

We will have a limited capacity so tickets can be sold out.

Send an email to indicating the names of the interested parties and for which day. After confirmation, you can pay by transfer or by MB WAY. We will sell tickets at the door, but they may sell out in the meantime, so we strongly advise you to do so online!

As wine is a unique stepping stone, we want to count on you to celebrate the good reunions on the Tagus riverside in Vinho à Driva and, through it, pay homage to the culture that keeps it alive, to the humanity that loves itself in it, to the miracles it catalyzes.

The week after the event and until July 19, all wines on the Os Goliardos list will have a discount.

Join us!
The team of Os Goliardos, À Margem and Espelho d’Água

Garage opening hours:
Monday and Thursday: 16h-20h
Friday: 13h-20h
Tel-: +(351) 213 462 156
Contacts for Vinho à Deriva: or +(351) 910 200 807

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