Wine tasting with the producer Mateus Nicolau de Almeida

Dia 23 de Maio, 3ªf às 18h, garagem d'Os Goliardos (Rua General Taborda 91, Campolide, Lisboa)

Prochaine date: en train de présenter

Curral Teles vertical tasting

Mateus Nicolau de Almeida comes down from Foz Côa to give us a vertical tasting of the Curral Teles wines, his range of Human wines, where he aims, together with Teresa, to experiment their intervention. With different grape varietals, vinifications and aging methods, from the more classic to the boldest, mainly from owned vineyards, these wines contribute to a dynamic study of the Douro wine valley. Alfa, Beta, Theta, Eta are part of Curral Teles.

Together we’ll taste their evolution and the adventures the well-known one-man-show Mateus will surely tell.



We have a limited number of participants available, registration is mandatory by e-mail to

20€/participant, Tasting offered to professional clients of Os Goliardos


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