Ezio Cerruti

Ezio Cerruti

Ezio is one of the “adult and cultured” producers to paraphrase the formula of a Portuguese television channel. Adept of music, he has a room dedicated to good sound, and traveled for years with his great friend Beppe Rinaldi, on a motorbike or car to go and taste wines or simply for the pleasure of discovering unknown lands. In his cellar, located inside the house, a motto summarizes his posture in life: “Whoever experiences it may lose, whoever does not have already lost”. He is a soloist, who plays alone and only with the Moscato variety, who organically grows in the 7 ha surrounding his house, located on top of an airy hill, in Castiglione Tinella between the Piedmontese Langa and the Astigian area. After dedicating himself essentially to the sweet version of Moscato in a cultured wine called Sol, he added strings to his instrument and declines in dry white, in a classic version and another more recent mash and also in a frizzy style, because in Italy life must always bubble a little. They are handcrafted wines in the best possible definition and cultured, from a person of indefinable beauty.

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