Bodegas Robles

Francisco Robles
Montilla Morilles

Family farm since 1927 that began to be cultivated in the 1990’s in organic farming in the historic area of ​​Montilla-Moriles, 45 mn south of Cordoba, which, like in Jerez, focused more on aging work in the cellar than in the vineyard.
Francisco Robles led this option with conviction, declaring himself a supporter of the return to origins, and today 20 ha of vineyards are being worked on organic farming, with unprecedented work for the area, on the vegetation cover during the vine resting time and at the same time perpetuating collaborations with small winegrowers who also supply the cellar with non-certified organic grapes.
4000 “botas” make up the heritage of the aging cellar. The wines are produced from the Pedro Ximenez grape. In the extension of the natural work in the vineyard, the musts ferment with the indigenous yeasts and some of the wines produced are not even fortified, as they naturally reach an alcohol content of 15º, favorable to the formation of the flower veil.
In addition to the classic range of Finos (sin y con rama), Amontillados, Olorosos, it is worth highlighting the Pale Cream, a sweet wine resulting from a blend of Oloroso wines with matured Pedro Ximenez grapes, and the development of a range of special wines and vinegars, highlighting the 2 vermouths, in collaboration with local gastronomy actors to rediscover the roots of Córdoba’s culture. In tune with environmental concerns, part of the production is conditioned in Bag in Box, a format normally intended for volume wines, but not in the case of this producer, who makes a reusable bottle available with this type of packaging to reduce the use of glass .

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