Augusto Cappellano

Cappellano is a name respected in Piedmont for a series of striking generations. Teobaldo, who died in 2008, of a deeply Piedmontese culture but very marked by his childhood in Eritrea, continued when he returned from Africa to the work of his father, inventor of the first Barolo Chinato, made with Barolo and secret essences. Teobaldo was a charismatic and militant character from the Barolo area and fought for wine not to be subject to commercial trivialization and to be the fruit of the close relationship between a land, the interpretation of a man within a more collective history. His son Augusto continues this rich heritage and takes responsibility for maintaining the myth, with deep respect for his father’s work but also clearly affirming his own, more delicate style. Augusto is a very tall, placid boy who can appear to be immune to the contingencies of this world. Humanist, cultured, aerial, he left his chemistry laboratory at the University of Turin when he had his epiphany admiring a sunset in his Gabutti vineyard in Serralunga d’Alba. It cultivates 4.5 ha of vines planted mainly with Nebbiolo. It produces 2 Barolos: one called Rupestris and another one of Pé franco (very limited quantity) and a little Barbera d’Alba. Even in your hand that favors smooth extractions and delicacy, the wines are true to Serralunga’s fame: very firm and sharp tannins, always with great freshness even in hot years, made to age.

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