Clos des Citots


The Clos des Citots sidrery was founded in 1992 with the planting of native Normandy apple varieties, on moist clay grounds. From 1998 Gerard Lenormand started the production of cider and poiré, in an area that reaches 13 ha today, cultivated in organic farming, with apple varieties with distinct organoleptic characteristics that allow together to obtain complex ciders: sweet varieties like Douce Coëtligné, Clos Renaux , Doux Veret de Carrouges, sweet-bitter (richer in tannins) like Bedan, Douce Moen, Dabinett, and bitter like Fréquin Rouge, Kermerrien, Mettais, acidulated like Petit Jaune, Judeline, Judor. In the pear orchard, pears more suitable for the production of Poiré (Plant de Blanc, De Cloche, Champagne) and pears for table fruits (Conférence et Williams) are also planted. Today, with the technical support of the young Adrien Rose, the farm produces a complete and expressive range that ranges from Brut ciders to dried poiré passing through cider vinegar and ice cider and some rosé ciders and poirés. The best of the orchard in a glass of wine.

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