Eloy Cortina

Celestino Cortina Cuadra was the founder of Sidra Cortina in the Amandi area, giving impetus and betting on the production of cider in 1952, when there was still little market outside Asturias. Son Eloy extended the bet after his father’s premature death when he was only 20 and modernized the production line. Today the third generation is deepening the footsteps of the ancestors, taking production in a traditional style and innovating with the introduction of ecological practices. The native apple varieties are made by hand with transfers made during a waning moon following the family tradition, and include in their great diversity the varieties Blanquina, Carrió, Clara, Collaos, Coloradona, De la Riega, Durona de Tresali, Ernestina, Fuentes , Limón Montés, Meana, Panquerina, Perezosa, Perico, Prieta, Raxao, Regona, San Roqueña, Solarina, Theoretical, Verdialonoa and Xuanina. The result is a cider with a strong bond with the territory of Amandi and a very unique taste with a fresh and pronounced character, apart from sweet and easy ciders to please the consumer.

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