Domaine Labet

Julien, Romain et Charline Labet

Created in 1974 by Josie and Alain Labet, today this farm is a collective of 3 sons Julien, Romain and Charline at the time of taking over the succession. In the family, vines have been cultivated since 1893 but in the local tradition of polyculture, in which animals and wine were used to exchange for products they did not produce. The farm located in the south of Jura, in the Revermont area, went from 2.5 ha in 1974 to 12 ha today. The entire vineyard has been progressively converted to biological, and the new generation can now enjoy a beautiful heritage of sixty-year-old vineyards. We can distinguish 3 major sectors according to the soils: Les Varrons with a clay soil from descaling, on a ventilated plateau exposed to the south, the La Bardette area, on a clay-limestone soil of old submarine bottoms, exposed to the west and En Chalasse, in a soil of blue clays with vines planted in the late 1980s. Alain Labet was a pioneer of whites without an oxidative stage under a veil of yeasts, revealing the potential of whites called “ouillés” (certified) either in the Chardonnay version or in the Savagnin version. Today this farm of good-hearted, sensitive and cheerful, always willing to open bottles, is a reference for both whites and the special Vin Jaune.

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