Gilles Guillaume


Guillaume Gilles represents la nouvelle vague of winemakers who are not afraid to work steep slopes by hand, plowing and cultivating historic vineyards such as the Chaillot vineyard in Cornas. In 2002, he inherited from his grandfather half a hectare in Cornas and settled as a wine grower, he approached the emblematic Robert Michel who produced for years a famous Cornas, called La Geynale, accumulating the experience of this wise man from the area for his contact. Today he grows three types of vineyards: 1) one from Syrah in a flat sandy-clayey area, with rounded corners carried by the Rhone, which gives the cuvée Les Peyrouses; 2) the famous Chaillot vineyard in a granitic soil that ends in its southernmost part with a clay-limestone soil, 3) and decided to plant a Syrah vineyard a few years ago in a higher area in pure granite that gave rise to the wines Renaissance. The wines ferment and macerate for approximately 30 days and then age for 18 months in used wood, before being bottled without filtration. They are wines of great purity, dense in youth that they gain from aging and aeration to reveal the dense and complex terroir of Cornas.

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