Domaine Thierry Allemand

Thierry Allemand

An electrician by training, Thierry reconciled his work in this area for many years with work on the farm by Robert Michel, a producer who, until his retirement, was an example for cultivating the vineyards on the slopes of Cornas and winemaking in order to express the historic terraces of Cornas, some considered as the best in the whole region, due to the structure of the soil and the sunny exposure.
After learning in the 1980s, where he accumulated experience and a certain renewal of the Cornas vineyard, Thierry Allemand progressively reconstituted his vineyard with extraordinary strength and determination. He rehabilitated almost abandoned vineyards, remade the walls in stone, began to plow and practice all manual gestures from replanting to grafting and, inspired by the examples of Marcel Lapierre and others, he was a pioneer in the Rhone of winemaking without additives or sulfur. This rare heritage gives rise to two wines: one from the vineyard Les Chaillots with an age between 5 and 45 years old, while Reynard comes from old vineyards with an average of 65 years in a more decomposed granitic soil. A life dedicated to a demanding terroir with exceptional wines, today make Thierry Allemand a cult producer.

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