Gernot Heinrich

This farm located in the area of ​​Lake Neusiedl near Hungary, started in 1990 with 1 ha and grew in such a way that today it reaches the surface of 90 ha, but surprisingly, the quantitative growth was accompanied by qualitative choices both in the vineyard with the application biodynamic agriculture in the entire vineyard since 2006 and in the winery with vinifications (reducing, very natural in the use of sulphurous) and a style of wines that is not very consensual, taking into account the quantity produced.
Heike and Gernot Heinrich form an open, strict, wine-loving couple, who produce a wide range of wines, both white and red, in a growing region and best known for their reds. Whites are very free and personal, produced from the local grape varieties Welschriesling, Graue Burgunder, Weissburgunder and the Burgundian Chardonnay planted on the limestone soils of Leithaberg. In reds they bet on monovarietals produced with indigenous varieties, which have a more fruity and warm (Zweigelt), crunchy and earthy (Sankt Laurent) and more profound and tannic (Blaufrankisch) range.

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