Hidalgo Emilio


Historic winery from DO Jerez, was created in the second half of the 19th century beginning in 1874 with soleras (pyramidal aging system for wines refreshing with newer wines) from the 1860s. The Bodega’s characteristic is to remain in the family possession of two brothers Emilio and Fernando M. and cousin Juan Manuel M. and to have always bet, even at the time of greatest production in the 1970s, of long aging wines with productions always limited to the most unique wines from the estate. One of the most emblematic of Jerez is the special Fino La Panesa, which comes from a solera dating from 1961 and a 15 year old “biological child” (stage under the flower veil), which reaches a rare complexity. Another emblematic wine is the Amontillado El Tresillo 1874, which comes from a solera started at that time and has an average age of 45 years. Amongst these gems, there is also an Amontillado El Tresillo that had a 9 year old “biological child” followed by a 5-6 year oxidative stage, a Marques de Rodil Palo Cortado with a “biological child” and an oxidative stage between 15 and 18 years old or Oloroso Villapanés (dry) from an only oxidative stage produced from a 1919 solera. Bodega Emilio Hidalgo, with its historic winery called Catedral, built in the Andalusian Mudejar style, which keeps the memory of many vintage , is a true Ali Baba Cave to discover the classic style of a unique European heritage and the great variations of Jerez wine.

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