Bodegas Luis Pérez

Luis Pérez

Luís Perez and his son Willy decided to give prominence to the vineyard, to not to summarize the Jerez area with the “veil” winemaking techniques. It recalls the intuition of Alain Labet who in the 1980s wanted to bet on wines without veils to better reveal the terroirs and the wine potential of Jura, regardless of the great veiled wines that the traditional approach of the region had achieved. It was in 2002 that Bodega Luís Perez started, using Luís’s accumulated experience as a university professor of oenology in Cádiz and a winemaker at the company Domecq, and the energy of Willy. Together they went back to the history of the vineyard, trying to highlight the typical features of the plots (paid in Spain), developing Jerez in plots, without adding brandy and using the « soleo » technique, in other words, passification of the grapes to the sun to concentrate them. They invested accordingly in a more organic and natural viticulture, in order to better express what the vineyards had in particular. In addition to the Finos and Olorosos wines, they developed a study on red grape varieties and bet on Tintilla da Rota, a relative of Graciano Riojano, to start showing the potential of the region to produce quality reds. Unique in the classic panorama of the producers of Jerez, Luís Perez symbolizes a reflection and a new breath on the history of a region.

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