La Petite Empreinte

Mélissa Bazin et Romain De Moor

Romain De Moor, son of his mother… and his father, De Moor from Chablis met Mélissa Bazin at the Domaine Labet, who until then had been growing vegetables in the Drôme. Romance fostered by good influences. Together they now cultivate 1.75 hectares of vineyards in two places, with two plots acquired in 2020 and another in 2022, and naturally they have given the name “La petite empreinte” to a project that aims to minimise the ecological footprint by making wines that respect the ecosystem and have character. In order not to be left in the shadow of their parents De Moor, the couple settled in the same region in 2020 but went to explore Saint-Bris le Vineux and Vincelottes, in limestone terroirs from a different era, where the land is also more accessible. The two Saint-Bris plots grow Sauvignon blanc and Pinot Noir, while the Vincelottes plot grows Sauvignon blanc, Gamay and Pinot noir. For the reds, they have opted for whole bunch maceration, while for the whites they favour long ageing periods of two years, which means that the reds come out earlier than the whites. A project that is growing slowly and discreetly, with attention to detail, and which reveals a place that has yet to be recognised.

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