Domaine Jean-Claude Rateau

Jean-Claude Rateau

Pioneer of biodynamics in Burgundy, he rehearsed in 1979 the biodynamic practices in the 1.5 ha of family vineyards in the Beaune area, starting a small group (with producers Giboulot, Montchovet, Derain, Thierry Guyot, …), experimentation and pooling wine material to implement this approach. The meeting with Claude Bourguignon, soil microbiologist, in the early 1980s, amplified the work of the soils and in 1995 the Groupement d’étude et de suivi des terroirs (GEST) concretized the reflection by creating an independent laboratory at the service of viticulturists to study soils and vineyards from a sustainable agriculture perspective. Today Jean-Claude grows 10 ha of vineyards spread over 20 different plots, in 12 different terroirs giving rise to 15 wines (white and red) in Regional Denomination, Village and Raw Premiers. The diversity of the terrains and the life of the soils allows to give a wide range of wines from Beaune, from open and perfumed wines (Le Clos des Mariages), others more potent (Les Prévoles) and fine and guard wines in the raw ones like Les Bressandes.

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