Domaine Vincent Dureuil-Janthial


Located in the northern most part of the Rully Denomination, which constitutes the natural geological extension of Chassagne and Puligny Montrachet, Vincent Dureil has dedicated himself to cultivating the vineyard since 1994, initially taking care of 3.5 ha of vineyards and, in 2003, with from his father Raymond who built the farm’s fame in the 1960s, he took over the leadership of the 20 ha of vineyards divided into 12 ha of white and 8 ha of red. In 2005 he converted the vineyards into the organic production mode, but in 2016, after the frost that had already decimated the production by 50% and faced with a strong attack of mildew that threatened the rest of the harvest, he applied approved treatments in organic farming in Germany but not in France. He had to redo the entire conversion process the following year. Despite retaining a youthful air and being considered the locomotive of Rully’s vineyard, Vincent is today, with 25 harvests, an experienced vigneron and his perfectionism in the vineyard as in the cellar is revealed in delicate wines, balanced in the extraction as in stage, with fleshy fruit and a rooting of the vineyards that provide deep and well-guarded wines.

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