L’Enclos des Braves


Nicolas Lebrun comes from the Gers region, best known for foie gras, Armagnac and the red Tannat variety in the Madiran area. A trained winemaker, he worked as a consultant for 12 years before choosing his nest in Vertus, on the banks of the River Tarn, in the ancient appellation of Gaillac, 45 mn northeast of Toulouse, to freely express and apply his ideas on viticulture and the wine. Today, following the principles of biodynamic agriculture, it cultivates 7.5 ha of vineyards, 3.2 ha aged between 30 and 45 years and the rest planted between 2007 and 2021. In addition to the vineyards, to reinforce the biodiversity of the place where vineyards already cohabited and trees, he planted a large expanse of trees around the plots such as aromatics (Rosmarinho) and annuals such as Mustard, and is also dedicated to the production of honey. Adept of pure wines that preserve the fruit, he vinifies essentially in cement vats and in eggs, with the exception of the veil wine that ages for 75 months in unattested barrels. It cultivates indigenous varieties with an established character such as Mauzac rose and L’oin de l’oeil (or Len de l’elh in Occitan) in white, Duras, Braucol (also known under the name of Fer Servadou, cousin of the Cabernets) and Prunelart (father of Malbec) in red. Sauvignon blanc completes the red varieties. A frank, warm person with a pronounced “gascon” accent who sings, he participates with producers such as the Plageoles, Jerôme Galaup, Damien Bonnet to highlight the high potential of the Gaillac vineyard, identified since the Romans as a qualitative land for viticulture. The clay-limestone soils of the 1ères Côtes area, a beautiful southern exposure, a climate of transition between the oceanic influences and the Mediterranean climate allow to produce grapes that have ripeness, freshness and the tannic structure that characterizes the wines of the Southwest, made for accompany the rich local gastronomy based on duck and game. In addition, Gaillac has a tradition of veil wines as in Jura and Jerez and Nicolas in good open hedonist, is dedicated to preserving this good local tradition.

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