Peter Veyder-Malberg

From the advertising world, Peter Veyder is considered an outsider of this noble and aristocratic region of Wachau, located 50 km west of Vienna along the Danube, with steep slopes and a sculpted landscape, of a unique beauty in Austria. After working on other farms for 8 years, Peter purchased 4 ha in 2008 in the most western and coolest area of ​​Wachau in Spitz and decided to dedicate himself to the recovery of the vineyards on poorly mechanized terraces. He makes fun of the fact that he is considered a modernist for leaving the Wachau Codez classification that identifies wines according to the sugar potential (Steinfender, Federspiel, Smaragd) in the increasing order of alcoholic potential and preferring to focus on the terroir from which the wine comes , while he was one of the few to recover the abandoned vineyards for being hard to work with and in that sense he considers himself a defender of a classic style that wants to return to a viticulture of the past, organic from the beginning, to impress his mark on wines. Grows vineyards of the varieties Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, aged between 30 and 70 years, planted in soils of gneiss, loess and micaschist, with fermentations and stages in acacia and oak vats. Peter’s wines correspond to the person, affirmed and sharp and reflect each of the terroirs, in a lively, mineral and natural profile.

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