Adega Regional de Colares

Francisco Figueiredo

The Colares region is a prestigious Denomination of Origin, considered in the 19th century as the best wine in Portugal. Benefiting from a marked, fresh and humid Atlantic climate under the influence of the Sintra mountains, and from a sandy soil where the vines are planted without rootstock, white wines (based on Malvasia de Colares) and reds (based on Ramisco) have a unique character that makes this production an original endangered by urban pressure as well as the lack of producers-bottlers to preserve this heritage. The Adega Regional de Colares, founded in 1931, is the oldest cooperative winery in Portugal and has a fundamental role today in DOC Colares for vinifying the grapes of 90% of the farmers in the area, helping to keep the vines in the ground of sand and defend a classic style with wines matured in bottle before commercialization. Today the responsibility for viticulture and oenology is assumed by Francisco Figueiredo, who defends with conviction and enthusiasm the uniqueness of the DOC with the lowest national production.

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