Cantina Giardino

Antonio e Daniela de Gruttula

The discovery of Giardino wines did not take place in a garden, but in a restaurant in Turin where we drank a white Gaia 2009, made with Fiano, which remained in the memories despite the amount of wines drunk this evening. We decided to go deeper into the topic and went to visit Daniela and Antonio last spring to see this land of Campania inland, which contrasts with the Mediterranean view of the Amalfi Coast, with its green hills and the surrounding vineyards that reminded Minho and Galicia more than Southern Italy. White grapes such as Fiano, Greco di Tufo, Coda di Volpe and red Aglianico are cultivated as the dominant grape. The harvest starts late, at the end of September for whites and ends at the end of October with Aglianico, a grape that gives tanninous wines, firm and with a great ability to keep. Giardino wines run away from oenology despite Antonio being a recognized technician, who also advises and accompanies other farms where he controls the creation more. But in their wines, the attitude is to let nature be done and not for anything, not even sulphurous, accepting the volatility and personal whims of its grapes, coming from very old vines. As in a live work, the wines are genuine, pure at times as stupid as other times, but they are certainly in the image of this couple that makes us leave the wine routine … and reveals an unknown Campania.

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