Cascina Corte

Amaglia Battaglia & Sandro Barosi

Amaglia Battaglia & Sandro Barosi carried out on this farm a life project centered on a rural, peasant way of life, respecting nature and valuing friendly relations, which becomes evident on the first visit to the farm, where hospitality and generosity are sacred . The vineyards are located in Dogliani, south of Monforte (which still belongs to DOC Barolo), where the queen variety is no longer Nebbiolo and becomes Dolcetto. In this specific terroir, this grape variety that normally produces softer and more aromatic wines gains a more potent and tannin expression, with a preserved fruity component. The vines with 50 years are already well rooted and the organic viticulture enhances the expression of the soil, giving pure wines, characterized by energy and naturalness.
Cascina Corte is a life dream that Amália and Sandro fulfilled in 2001 when they decided to live in the countryside and live off the fruit of both agricultural (wine) and tourism (rooms) activities, recovering an old century house. XVIII that was in ruins surrounded by abandoned vineyards. The farm is located on the better hill of Dogliani, in San Luigi and is now planted with Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo, the viticulture is organic and aims to enhance the fertility of the soil and express the best possible characteristics of the Dogliani sector. After 4 years of works and plantations, they managed to have an underground «canteen» to vinify in 2005 at home and only in 2008 were they able to finish the housework to be able to host visitors and many friends. The wines are very precise, great freshness and firmness, and still sweet tooth. A region of Piedmont that is less famous than in Sandro’s hands is gaining much interest.

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