Domaine du Pech d’André

Mireille Remaury & Philippe Lelong

Pech d’André is a very old family farmer, existing since 1701, and unique for never having adhered to synthetic chemical agriculture, being an oasis of 30 ha of vineyards without neighbors, surrounded by forests, with different trees, beehives, lakes for the insects and birds. Mireille Remaury and Philippe Lelong, her partner who recently joined the farm, represent the 10th generation of producers. Trained in pedology, Mireille wants to preserve the beautiful family heritage with an agroecological approach to create an environment that will allow the vineyards, some of them centuries old, to restore the best of the place. The terroir called Les Mourels is limestone with sandstone and marl, exposed to the south and in a warm climate that allows for a very early maturation. The option of traditional Mediterranean grape varieties aims to produce unique southern wines with freshness due to their good adaptation to the terroir. In the cellar, cement is used to preserve as much as possible the freshness of the wines, seeking a frank, digestible style that reveals the diversity of grape varieties such as Bourboulenc, Clairette et Maccabeu in white, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Grenache, Alicante , Aramon, Picpoul noir, Syrah in red, some vinified in batches, others in the solo version. A farm that makes us happy with the original function of wine: to calm our thirst and restore light to our faces.

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