Domaine Giachino

David e Frederic Giachino

An Italian fusion in the French pre-Alps, with 2 brothers David and Frederic, son Clement and Mariedo the wife of Frederic, animating this farm that produces wines in an area of ​​15 ha that celebrate the traditional varieties of the area such as Jacquère, the emblematic white grape variety from the area, Altesse in white, Gamay, Mondeuse and Persan in red, in a natural approach (organic farming), precise and festive. It was in 1988 that Frederic started production with his grandfather Marius Genton’s 1.5 ha, at the time in polyculture, before being accompanied by brother David and since 2015 by his son Clement. They take advantage of the local ampelographic singularity and the lands resulting from the erosion of glacier rocks of Mont Granier that gave qualitative clay-limestone soils to produce aromatic, fresh and dense wines. The Savoy cheeses are missing and we are already climbing the Alps …

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