Domaine Kreydenweiss

Antoine Kreydenweiss

Antoine runs this winery located in Andlau in the seventeenth part of the Alsatian vineyard, a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture since the late 1990s (father Marc created the Biodyvin producer association). Today, he cultivates 13.5 ha of biodynamic vines in very varied soils (stoneware, granite, shale, limestone), with some trials of vines densely planted at 10,000 feet in the Grands cru Kastelberg and Kirchberg de Barr, and completes production with the purchase of grapes from fellow wine growers in biodynamics or agrobiology. Inheriting a unique heritage of vineyards planted with a carefully selected and naturally cultivated plant material, Antoine enriches the farm with a bold approach, be it in the introduction of work on horseback or in the winery where he risks innovating with long presses, minimal sulfurous, long stages on the lias and explores challenging new territories such as the Pinot noir plantation in Kirchberg de Barr.

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