Quinta das Bágeiras

Mário Sérgio Nuno Alves

Mário Sérgio has a recognized and coherent path with his decided personality, entrepreneur, cooperative open with others.
He started his career as a wine grower in 1989, at the time aged 23, from the meeting of the vineyards of several generations of his family, with a total of 12 hectares. In that year, bottling of the wine produced at Quinta das Bageiras, previously sold in bulk to other cellars in the Bairrada region, began. Today, he cultivates 28 ha in the Fogueira area with white Maria Gomes and Bical grape varieties planted mainly on sandy soils while his favorite red grape variety, Baga, is located on clayey-limestone soils. He has always privileged a classic regional style: wines with indigenous grape varieties, reds fermented in mills, vinification without destemming and minimal interventions, aging in used wood, sparkling wines without raw natural dosage. It produces traditional wines, with character, with a good aptitude for aging, with expression of the place and the man who creates them, where his irreverence is not to have gone through all these years behind the fashions but to respect a way of doing for several generations, and mainly to do it well.

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