Quinta do Mouro

Miguel Louro

Dentist by profession, Miguel Louro, is one of the iconoclastic figures in the Portuguese wine scene, always ready for a verbal departure from a medieval knight, with dramaturgical provocation. He bought Quinta do Mouro in 1980 in Estremoz in Alentejo and since 1998 he has been producing wines with character in the farm that provoked local production, with a tannin, gastronomic style and remarkable freshness. In essentially schist soils, it produces 3 red wines: Vinha do Mouro, which expresses the Alentejo’s spicy fruity in an easier version, Casa dos Zagalos which represents the classic Alentejo in its opinion, with a more subtle matter, tactile complexity, aromatic intensity , and Quinta do Mouro, the wine most affirmed as its owner, intense and rich and with a balance that goes out of the region’s standards. In 2007 and 2009 the Goliardos made a special wine with Quinta do Mouro, the Centurião, in a fresher and less marked by wood profile. Miguel Louro’s stories go around the world and one became mythical: When an American journalist told him in his cellar that chocolate and vanilla were missing from his wine, Miguel Louro replied “this is a cellar, not an ice cream parlor” .

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