Salta Muros

Catarina Bento e David Prata
Beira Interior

Catarina and David like to jump between vineyards in Miuzela, an area favourable to this regenerative activity with its vineyards on different levels delimited by walls. Salta Muros wines are born in this Beira Alta village located 800 metres above sea level, on the banks of the River Côa, in the municipality of Almeida, Guarda district, where David has his loose childhood memories and where Catarina also became a pure-bred Miuzela, living here on her own for a year, gaining a closeness and affection for this isolated area that contrasts with the urban frenzy. The soils are granite/sandy and the old vines, over 50 years old, are made up of various grape varieties, especially Rufete, Bastardo, Marufo (red), Malvasia and Rabo de Ovelha (white). On a cool plateau, several vineyards are recovering in small fragmented plots in the middle of woodland and pasture areas. It’s a region with a wide temperature range and a late vegetative cycle due to the cold winter temperatures, which delay the budbreak of the plants. These climatic conditions give the wines a digestive, airy style that goes well with their bouncy name. The artisanal and organic viticulture and the rigour of the work in the producers’ traditional stone cellar make it possible to fully appreciate the fruits of this land, which is gaining visibility and vitality as the young vignerons roll up their sleeves.

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