Santa Caterina

Andrea Kihlgren

Alessandra and Andrea Kihlgren’s farm is located in the eastern part of Liguria called Levante, bordering the region of Emilia, in a soft clayey red earth hills planted with the varieties Vermentino, Albarola, Sauvignon (in white), Merlot ( formerly present in the Sarzana area), Ciliegiolo, Merla (an old Canaiolo from the area) and the Sangiovese, which is well adapted to the climate of the Levant. In total they have 7.5 ha of vineyards and 3 ha of olive trees, the alluvial terraces are some clayier and others more rocky. The wines reflect the proximity of the sea and the biological methods in the vineyard as in the cellar highlight the natural and unique expression of the area. The wines produced have the expressiveness known, deep without exuberance or ostentation by Alessandra and Andrea, which convey a sensitive and respectful approach that connects us in a humble and dedicated way to artisanal wine and this underrated wine region with Mediterranean influence.

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