Orders for Covinho à la maison

Take-away, deliveries and proposals during COVID isolation

First of all, we hope to find you well!
In times of coronavirus, the priority is that everyone contributes to its containment by staying at home.
Now that we are isolated in our little corners, it becomes vital to feed our souls and “kill the bug” with alcohol.
Also, it is important that we keep the fair trade working and not to create a domino of bankruptcies. Particularly in the case of wine, the temporary closing of bars and restaurants had a drastic drop on the consumption of small producers’, leaving all the chain in serious difficulties.
Wine producers from all around Europe, particularly the small-scale ones not represented in big supermarket chains and that are located in the most infected areas, find themselves limited as to their market outlet capacity.
You can help! It’s simple… just drink, but the good stuff!
As such, we’ve launched the campaign COVINHO AT HOME!

Below, you will find our wine box proposals with special Covinho prices that we will be releasing regularly. We are also attaching the complete list of the Os Goliardos wines, should you rather choose to make a personalized order, to which we also offer a 5% discount for all orders above 100 euros.
You can order for home delivery in Lisbon or pick-up at our warehouse in Campolide, with all the necessary measures for COVINHO WITHOUT COVID:
Preferably, home delivery is done at the building’s door and pick-up at the warehouse’s door.
If you need counselling, please phone or e-mail us. We will not do it inside the warehouse as we used to. Thank you for your understanding!
Find all details below. We remain at your disposal.
By the way, share the wines you are drinking with your family and friends!

HOW TO ORDER Covinho at home

Send us an e-mail with your order to encomendas.goliardos@gmail.com. Please state your name, phone contact and address (in case you want delivery) or if you prefer to pick it your order at our warehouse in Campolide.
You can choose a box proposal and/or select the wines from the attached Excel list.
We deliver in Lisbon for free for orders superior to 50 euros.
For other regions outside of Lisbon, in Portugal and Spain, we send the wines with the following transport prices:
until 6 bottles: 10€
7-12 bottles: 14€
13-18 bottles: 18€
More than 19 bottles: 20€
For other countries, we will present an invoice

Volta a Portugal em Junho já saio

Miguel Barroso Louro, Apelido 2019 7,50€
Lucinda Todo Bom, Fraga Alta Branco 2016 9,00€
Casal Figueira, Castelão 2017 12,75€
Tiago Teles, Raiz tinto 2017 11,75 €
João Tavares de Pina Tretas 2019 9,75 €
Quinta do Romeu, Moínho do Gato 2018 7,75 €
Total 58,50 € with Covinho discount 55,58€

Tour de França em 6 castas tintas

Gamay, Beaujolais, Domaine Chamonard, Morgon 2017
Cabernet Franc, Loire, Baudry Bernard, Domaine2017
Pineau d’aunis, Loire, Belliviere, Rouge gorge 2018
Pinot noir, Bourgogne, Marechal C.&C, Cuvée Gravel 2014
Syrah, Rhône, Texier Eric, St Julien en St Alban, Vieille Serine 2014
Trousseau, Jura, Butin Philippe, Côtes du Jura Trousseau 2015
Total 120,5€, with Covinho discount 114,48

Volta a Portugal 2

B Dão António Madeira Branco 17/18  13,25 €
B Lisboa Encosta da Quinta Humus branco 2018  14,25 €
T Lisboa COZ’s Castelão vm 2018  11,75 €
T Bairrada Quinta da Vacariça Baga 2010 13,00 €
T Dão João Tavares de Pina Terras de Tavares 2002  17,00 €
T Douro Mateus Nicolau de Almeida Trans Douro Express Baixo Corgo 2018  11,75 €
Total 81€ with Covinho discount 76,95€

Madrid con La Maldición

B Bodegas Cinco Leguas, La Maldicion Malvar, 2019, 9,25 €,
B Bernabeleva, Manchomuelas, 2016, 17,00 €
T Bernabeleva, Navaherreros, 2017, 13,75 €
T Marc Isart La Maldicion, 2018, 7,25 €
T Marc Isart La Maldicion Gleba, 2015, 11,00 €
T Marañones, Marañones, 2015, 17,00 €
Total 75,25 € with Covinho discount 71,49 €

Volta luso-galega

B Lisboa Encosta da Quinta Humus branco 2018  14,25 €
B PT Dão, António Madeira, A Liberdade, 2019, 20,50 €
B ES, Galiza, Augalevada, Mercenario, 2018, 14,50 €
T PT Douro, Mateus Nicolau de Almeida, Trans Douro Express Baixo Corgo, 2018, 11,75 €
T PT Lisboa, Encosta da Quinta, Balbúrdia, 12,25 €
T ES, Galiza, Fedellos do Couto – Peixes, Lomba dos Ares, 2017, 17,25 €
Total 90,50 € with Covinho discount 85,97 €

Imunidade europeia

ESP DT Mosel, Melsheimer, Rurale , 2018, 18,75 €
B IT Sicilia, Barraco Nino, Catarratto, 2017, 20,50 €
B AU Burgenland, Heinrich, Chardonnay Leithaberg, 2014, 15,75 €
T PT Lisboa, Quinta da Serradinha, Quinta da Serradinha, 2016, 12,25 €
T FR Loire, M. & S. BoucheT Fleur Bleue Grolleau, 2016, 14,50 €
T GR Cephalonia, Sclavos, Orgion, 2015, 16,50 €
Total 98,25 € with Covinho discount 93,34 €

Portugal profundo

B Douro, Mateus Nicolau de Almeida, Eremitas Antão do Deserto, 2017, 17,75 €
B Dão, António Madeira, Vinhas Velhas, 2017, 20,50 €
T Dão, Qta da Pellada & Os Goliardos, Achada VO, 2016, 14,50 €
T Beira Interior, Dominó, FoxtroT 2018, 13,25 €
T Dão, João Tavares de Pina, Terras de Tavares, 2002, 17,00 €
T Douro, Quinta do Romeu, Colheita, 2016, 8,75 €
Total 91,75 € with Covinho discount 87,16 €

O sal de Portugal

B Lisboa, Viúva Gomes, Viúva Gomes, 2017, 19,50 €,
B Lisboa, Encosta da Quinta, Humus curtimenta, 2018, 16,00 €,
B Vinho Verde, Aphros, Loureiro, 2018, 12,00 €,
T Lisboa, Dominó, Samarra, 2018, 22,50 €,
T Lisboa, Adega Reg. De Colares, Arenae Ramisco 50 cl, 2010, 19,25 €,
T Algarve, Monte da Casteleja, Meia Praia, 10,25 €,
Total 99,50 € with Covinho discount 94,52 €

Passatempo Hedonista

B Canarias Torres Pecis, Las Migas, 2017 16,75€
B Cafalonia, Sclavus, Robolla, 2016 14,75€
T Lisboa (Carcavelos), Vitor Claro, Samarra, 2018 22,5€
T Rioja, Tentenublo, Xerico, 2017 15,25€
T Piemonte, Cascina delle rose, Barbera, 2016 18€
T Rhône, Eric Texier, Saint Julien en St Alban Vieille Serine 2014 22€
Total 109,25€ with Covinho discount 103,79€

Tour d’Alsácia

B Kreydenweiss, La Fontaine aux enfants, 2017 21,25€
B Meyer Fonne, Riesling Vignoble de Katzenthal, 2017 17,25€
B Ostertag, Sylvaner Vieilles vignes, 2017 17,75€
T Kreydenweiss, Pinot Boir, 2018 16,75€
T Frick, Pinot Noir Stein, 2018 23,25€
VT Spielmann, Blosenberg Pinot gris meio-seco, 2010 27,75€
Total 124,25€, with Covinho discount 118,04€

Avanti Itália

B Liguria, Santa Caterina, Giuncaro 2017 18,5€
B Friuli, Skerk, Vitovska, 2017 25€
B Sicilia, Barraco, Catarratto, 2017 20,5€
T Campania, Cantina Giardino, Le Fole, 2016 17,5€
T Piemonte, Cascina Corte, Barbera, 2015 17,25€
T Toscana, Fonterenza, Rosso di Montalcino 2017, 29€
Total 127,75€, with Covinho discount 121,36€

You can order through the Os Goliardos website at https://osgoliardos.com/fr/acheter-des-vins//

or you can download the excel file below with our list and send us your order by mail:


On all orders over 100€, we will apply a 5% discount.
Fill the attached file according to your wine selection.
Save the document using the file name “COVINHO_(your name)”.
Send to encomendas.goliardos@gmail.com

On the e-mail’s body, state your name, phone contact and address, or if you prefer to pick it up at the warehouse.
Wait for our confirmation as to the order’s availability.
Proceed with payment by bank transfer to:
BPI Goliardos
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 3543 9950 001 22
Please send us proof of payment mentioning the holder’s full name.
Indicate whether you prefer to pick the order up at the warehouse in Campolide or you wish it to be delivered (schedule below).
Free deliveries in Lisbon on orders over 50 euros or 10 euros added if lower.
We send to other places in Portugal or other european countries, adding the value of transport.

Timetable for order pick-up:
Address: Rua General Taborda 91, Lisbon (Campolide)
Monday: 11h to 14h
Tuesday: 11h to 14h
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 16h to 19h
Friday: 11h to 14h
Weekend: closed

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12h to 15h.
Payment by transfer or MBWay (ask for number when ordering).
Preferably, delivery will be made at the building’s door.
We figure someone will be home… hehehe

Adress: Rua General Taborda, nº91, Lisboa (Campolide)
Tel stock place: (+)351 213462156
João Mendes: +351 910970584, Miguel Vale +351 939445745

Produit ajouté avec succès.