Luís Gil

Luís Gil has dreamed of wine since his Eye (Olho) shone with the family wine cellar and confused wine liquids with marine fluids. Aficionado taster, he was coveted by big names from Douro and Peniche but decided to get his hands on the humus and, when he joined the Encosta da Quinta team led by Rodrigo Filipe, his future was written becoming partly a team of wine-growing beachboys from the West Coast. But don’t think it is an urban pastime that goes on Thursday to the weekend because Luís’ weeks are very long and the hours of sleep are marginal. Since 2017 he started on his own project, taking care of old vineyards in the area of ​​Óbidos between the ages of 40 and 110, and as a missionary from Bacchus, he decided to save the heritage of old vineyards in Olho Marinho as others adopt abandoned animals . The very widespread and fragmented vineyards are grown in a biological way and seek to make wines that convey the Atlantic character and the fluid side in the mouth. In the cellar, it makes natural vinifications, with minimal intervention, without adding sulfur. He is now coming to launch his first Marine wines, which reflect Luís’ impulsive and spontaneous energy. After all, the motto « To the West, nothing new » by Erich Maria Remarque does not apply to the reality of Portuguese wine.

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