Farm created in the 19th century, with traditional practices, and the tradition of winemakers in the family took a leap in the 1950s with Robert Piollot who encouraged qualitative production, planting the vineyard of Colas Robin of Pinot blanc in 1955 and establishing a vineyard with old clones from a careful selection of strains. In 1986, his son Roland joined the farm and decided that the entire production would be made into wine, perpetuating his father’s sensitivity to the life of the soil, his attention to cultivated plants and natural methods. In 2009 the vines were certified in organic farming and in 2014 they started to follow the biodynamic method as a way of living and working in a more harmonious environment, more attentive to the rhythms and breaths of nature. Today the farm has 8.5 ha with a dominance of Pinot noir (62% of the vine), Chardonnay (19%), Pinot blanc (12%), Pinot meunier (6%) and Arbanne (1%). The champagnes produced age between 4 and 6 years before disgorging and are mostly monovarietals without dosage, giving pure, complex and fluid wines in a range for all tastes and curiosities:

Come des Tallants produced with Pinot Noir.

Colas Robin produced with Pinot Blanc.

Champs Rayés produced with Chardonnay.

Mepetit with Pinot Meunier

Les Protelles, rosé de macération with Pinot Noir.

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