João Tavares de Pina


Farm led by João Tavares de Pina, impulsive and generous character, located in Penalva de Castelo, at 500m altitude, with 40 ha of which 13 ha are vineyards, in a beautiful granite valley, surrounded by forests with more clay areas, where you can breathe the tranquility of nature.
João and Luísa practice agriculture without chemicals and sow complementary plants that guarantee a balanced ecosystem and protection against diseases and pests. Alongside the older vineyards, they are reconstituting a huge diversity of indigenous grape varieties (Terrantez, Uva dog, Arinto, Rufete, Bastardo,…), giving the farm a second life and wine style. Until 2013 of classic inspiration in wines produced with a base of Jaen and Touriga nacional, aged in wood and with long aging in bottle, the new range of Rufia explores the production of young, fresh, acidic wines with vegetable touches, from natural winemaking, with minimal intervention and low SO2 level.
João makes unique wines made with knowledge and sharp tannins, by someone who thinks through his own head and invests in a defense of (his) land and its native components, against the massification of a taste in favor of interests that destroy the local identity . The result is wines impregnated with character that do not go unnoticed, some revealing the potential for aging and others the energy of Dão.

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