Quinta da Pellada | Quinta de Saes

Álvaro e Maria Castro

Álvaro Castro and his daughter Maria form a complementary, wild and fun duo: he is a dreamer and a joy, she is scientific and energetic, with hints of pepper. The wines produced in Pinhanços, at the foot of Serra da Estrela, in granitic soils come from two farms: Pellada and Saes and offer a very particular aromatic intensity and a balance that characterizes the Dão region. The vineyards are located in Pinhaços next to Vila Nova de Tazém, aged up to 65 years, on granite soils and a wide variety of indigenous grape varieties, especially the old vine with more than 30 varieties. The Pellada vineyards have a particular inspiration for contemplating the magnificent landscape of the mountains at an altitude of 400 meters. Álvaro is not a conformist and always wants to go further, listening to what is going on but always wanting to be free to decide in his own head, which has allowed them to filter fashions and leave unnecessary modernities to reveal the purity of their wines from a very special terroir.

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