Wines for sale after Vinho à Deriva

We finish Vinho à Deriva (Drifting Wine) very pleased from special reunions, with emotions more awakened than ever. The experimental and improvised format of sitting for tasting due to the pandemic rules turned out to be a success. Winemakers, professionals and fans thought it was a nice surprise, with a closer contact and more qualitative and in-depth tastings, as if we were doing them in the producer’s winery. For our part, we confirmed that by bringing together flexible and willing people, we find simple solutions to continue life and celebrate wine! Many thanks to everyone who participated in this drift!!! (deriva).

And now we’re running a drift promotion for all the wines on the Os Goliardos list until July 19th:
5% discount for orders between 50 and 150 euros
10% for orders over 150 euros

You can download the list in excel HERE to send us completed by e-mail to You can sort according to your taste, by type of wine, region, production, price, we believe it will be easier.

Enjoy, summer is coming!

Wines from Quinta Vila Rachel, Douro
New producer in the Os Goliardos portfolio, novelty in Vinho à Deriva, so fresh that it is not yet on the list. We have little quantity for now but you can order now to enjoy the discount, which will arrive soon.

Ladeira branco 2020 23,25€
Jugal velho Rosé 2020 20€
Obra Tinto 2019 23,25€
Carcoda Tinto 2019 25,25€

Prices with VAT. All wines are made in organic farming, from their own grapes and vinified by hand without adding any product, including sulfur.If you have any suggestions or comments you would like to make regarding the event, we would be delighted to have your feedback.

We are available for any question.
Greetings still adrift,
The Goliardos team

Prodotto aggiunto con successo.