Domaine La Cadette


La Cadette is a collective adventure that began in 1987 when the Montanet family gathered friends and family in an association to burp the hillsides and plant 12.5 ha of vineyards. This effort was rewarded in 1997 by obtaining the PDO Bourgogne Vézelay. Today the farm has 13.5 ha of vineyards, with natural viticulture and 75% white production (73% white Bourgogne based on Chardonnay, 3% based on the Melon de Bourgogne variety, almost disappeared in Burgundy, and which is now in the Loire at the PDO Muscadet) and 25% red with the Pinot Noir and César varieties (indigenous variety from this area called Yonne). White wines are frank and alive (we are close to Chablis in a cool climate, subject to late frosts), and concentrated, while reds have an airy and spicy profile. It is good to meet warm characters with a very fine humor with wines that are frank, pure and precise to celebrate the wine cult in a happy and unpretentious way.

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