Aurélie Fayolle et Arnaud Geschickt

The tradition of winegrowers in the Geschickt family is, as in many cases in Alsace, very old and the new generations perpetuate the work of the ancestors to preserve or even to improve the heritage constituted previously. Aurélie Fayolle, from southern France, and Arnaud Geschickt, a pure Alsatian strain, took over the farm in 2012, which in 1998 had already adopted biodynamic methods in viticulture. Since 2014 the approach in the cellar is natural and several wines are produced without the addition of sulfur dioxide, without being systematic, according to the wines and the year. They cultivate 11 ha around Ammerschwihr, whose village, located north of Colmar, is associated with the grand Cru Kaefferkopf. The soils are clay-limestone on the slopes around Ammerschwihr, granitic and loam-limestone on the Kaefferkopf. They cultivate a wide variety of Alsatian grape varieties: Muscat, Pinot blanc, Pinot auxerrois, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and many wines are the fruit of varieties such as “Pino” which concentrates the 4 types of Pinot, the “ 6 pieds sur Terre” which amalgamates Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Muscat with a Pinot trilogy: blanc, gris and noir. Within the Alsatian Grand Crus, “Kaefferfopf” is one of the few where you can blend different varieties with a proportion of Gewurztraminer (60%), Riesling (30%) and Pinot gris (10%). This area reveals in a very subtle way the Gewurztraminer, like the neighboring Katzenthal where Aura and Felix Meyer produce wines of character with this variety that can produce wines that are too opulent and rich. Adepts of dry wines, Aurélie and Arnaud can also macerate the grapes a little to ensure complete fermentations, the long stages allow you to refine the matter and gain a fluid style and realized wines, which express a beautiful naturalness, preserving a precision and a beautiful definition of the wines. beautiful terroirs that care. Another demonstration of the rich diversity of Alsatian production, in a style that distinguishes itself from other Goliardic producers in the region and reveals the strength and unique expression of the various Crus identified over time.

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