Domaine André Rieffel

Lucas Rieffel

Lucas Rieffel today leads a family farm with 10 ha of vineyards, located in Mittelbergheim, Barr and Andlau, which has evolved a lot under his leadership: he went from a conventional and modest producer to a figure of a generation who made a qualitative leap in both agriculture and in the choice of ecological practices and a reflection on the clones, the work of the soils in the cellar where the desire to evolve with a very unique range was extended, making tests at the level of press, stages (stainless steel, barrels, casks …) and moderate use of sulfur dioxide. His work allowed him to create in a short time a range of wines that reflect different styles of Alsace and belong to an innovative generation, sharing this dynamic with neighbors and friends Kreydenweiss, Riss, Rietsch, …
It has beautiful parcels in the Grand Cru Zotzenberg and Wiebelsberg, where it makes the Sylvaner, Riesling and Gewurtztraminer grape varieties separately but has also developed red Pinot Noir wines that have a rare distinction and consistency in the region. A timid, affable and perfectionist character, his wines are both subtle (Pinot blanc Gebreit, Riesling Grand Cru Zotzenberg, Riesling Grand Cru Wiebelsberg, Sylvaner Grand Cru Zotzenberg, Pinot Noir Runz) and sweet tooth (Pinot Noir nature, Sylvaner M, Riesling Vieilles vignes) and took Crémant d’Alsace to a level of unprecedented quality in the region.

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