Domaine Meyer-Fonné

Felix Meyer

Meyer-Fonné is a producer with a tradition in the Katzenthal area, with different generations from his grandfather Félix (who did not bottle) to prolong and give his contribution to improving wines. Today it is the third generation, with the great Félix to perpetuate a demanding job in the 12 ha of vineyards located in a concentration area of ​​Grand crus as the Wineck-Schlossberg (granite), land of choice of the Riesling, the Kaefferkopf (limestone clay with grès), Furstentum (limestone) or Sporen (calcareous marl). Well known for the quality of the Gewurztraminer in the granite soils of Katzenthal, Felix took the Riesling to a very high level, both in the limestone terrains of Pfoeller and in the granitic terrains of Wineck, in a style that seeks firmness and mineral complexity. As always in Alsace, wine tasting takes us from floral to very dry, passing through the voluptuousness of spicy and oriental wines based on Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer, on a vast journey within the potential of the grape varieties according to the soil where they take root.

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