M. & S. Bouchet

Sylvanie e Matthieu Bouchet

Sylvanie and Matthieu Bouchet cultivate 6 ha of vineyards in the Saumur area, on a clay-limestone terrain, following biodynamic agriculture. Matthieu’s father, François Bouchet, was one of the pioneers of the biodynamic movement in viticulture, wrote reference books (méthode Lemaire-Bouchet) today and having advised several producers in France. His son naturally followed his path and the old vineyards of Chenin blanc, Grolleau and Cabernet Franc allow him to make wines with identity, which age for the necessary time in the limestone cellars of the area. They are wines from the land, with a classic aromatic profile, namely Le Sylphe produced from Cabernet-Franc. Fleur Bleue, made with the Grolleau variety, gives a more airy and fruity wine while Chenin is tasteless, unctuous with a texture that reveals the chalk of the area.

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