The Sclavos family, originally from Domata on the island of Kefalonia, has a wine tradition that dates back to the time of Bishop Evridiadis, who immigrated to Odessa in Russia in the early 20th century, where he created a wine farm, before returning in 1919 to Kefalonia and planted his first vineyard in the Kechriona Palikis area. Vladis is now the third generation to maintain and prolong the wine tradition. The local red Mavrodaphne grape varieties, Robola, Tsaousi, Vostilidi, Moschatela in white, some planted in open feet, are grown naturally, with vines aged between 30 and 100 years. The mild climate, sea winds, Mount Ainos with calcareous soils and rounded corners limit production by foot, giving fleshy and intense wines, with salty touches and a beautiful freshness with very unique expressions. They are Mediterranean wines without excess opulence, very gastronomic, from the simple and greedy Efranor to the deep Robola, produced under the name of Vino di sasso (stone wine), passing through floral and wild reds such as Alchimikos and Orgion, without forgetting a passito very digestesto Oinosidis produced from Moschatos da Kefalonia. The wines convey the relaxed air of the winegrower and the uniqueness that the islands preserve.

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