Brigit & Edwald Tscheppe

It is in Southeast Austria, touching Slovenia that Edwald and his wife dedicate themselves to the vineyard, assuming that man cannot do better than nature and working in concert with her. The landscape is made up of steep, green, lush hills with a roller coaster feel and very orderly countryside. The planted vineyards are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc but Ewald focuses more on the discourse on biodynamic work, the more or less clayey or limestone soils and the less interventionist approach to producing wines called “Ex-Vero”, that is to say “from the true and the genuine , totally real ”. The wine range follows a classification in Cuvées and is according to the type of soil: (1) Ex-vero Legoth and Ex-Vero I from the heavier soils that give more robust wines, less complex, focused on the fruit. (2) Ex-vero II for poorer, filtering soils that tune wines. (3) Ex-vero III for the steepest slopes and exposed to the South, giving wines of greater complexity.

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