Alvar De Dios

Alvar De Dios

Originally from Zamora, in 2009 Alvar inherited a vineyard from his grandfather nickname Aciano, next to the village El Pego, in the area of ​​the Guareña River in the “Bajo Duero” 30 km south of Toro. He graduated from the demanding and humane school of Elian Da Ros in southwest France and slowly recovered old vineyards, growing organically, starting to market some wines in 2011. Currently produces 4 wines:
– a white Vagüera with a base of several Albillos: real, red, black and a complement of Palomino, Godello, Verdejo, Malvasia, Moscatel at 900 meters of altitude and several reds:
– Tio uco, Tempranillo base (simple fresh red from more recent vines),
– Camino de los Arrieros at DO Arribes on the border with Portugal with a Juan Garcia and Rufete base,
– Aciano produced in a sandy soil with ungrafted Tempranillo vines for almost 100 years.
In parallel he keeps his activity in the Sierra de Gredos where he accompanies the production of Bodega Marañones wines, and, in his familial land, Alvar develops traditional and natural agriculture, recovering vineyards, traditions and viticulture practices in less prestigious and dominated areas for potent and overly wooded wines in general. In a non-region, Alvar makes wines with a rare energy and an unusual approach in the region’s panorama.

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