Vinho ao Vivo 2024

Festival Europeu do Terroir

Next date: 7 de July 2024

European Terroir Festival
Lisbon, 7th and 8th July
By Os Goliardos
A meeting of 40 European winemakers who will discover their ALIVE wines, in an artisanal, natural and authentic approach.

Dear cultivators of the freedom of the land,
50 years after the Carnation Revolution, “joy is still a remedy against all forms of prohibition” according to Tom Zé, and Dionysian wine and mestizo roots music make the world go round. We’re trying to reach that “other world” that the Bahian musician associates with the pre-Aristotelian Arab mind, which can’t wait to blossom in the depths of our primordial nature and uncivilised minds.
Vinho ao vivo 2024 celebrates the breaking down of mental and physical walls. Bringing together a special high concentration of sensitive, idealistic, talented and festive people from various horizons and cultures, it is the expressive and palpable demonstration that it is up to us to bring together suitable people to design alternatives for free, harmonious and supportive societies with a grain of madness in their wings to sow fertile imaginations.
Vinho ao Vivo is seen as a pictorial composition that brings together various facets of the cultural world, in its wine, gastronomic and musical aspects, in the context of the Palácio Sinel de Cordes, which becomes the timeless and dreamy stage for an indomitable intoxicating theatre.
Looking for the essence and the stripped-down heart of the elements, we’re not going to assign any qualifiers to the wine, which is already bubbling with messages and doesn’t like cloisters, so as not to petrify it in a classification or certification.
Contemplating and repeatedly observing the natural aesthetic miracle that the Earth represents makes us want to be more worthy of this heritage. To try to correspond as human inhabitants to the magical scenery of our universe. To see nature as an organic form in perpetual transformation, fragile and indomitable, and to be dazzled watching Goethe’s “cloud play”, for example, or listening to the wine gurgling like a fountain in the rooms of the palace.
Welcome, and may authentic wine perpetuate April and its loose instincts always be a source of rebirth and not of oppressive mildew. With your mouth watering, we send you the programme below.


Campo de Santa Clara (Feira da Ladra, Lisbon)
The tasting meeting will take place at the Trienal de Arquitetura on Sunday 7 July and Monday 8 July.
It will be held at 2 times: from 11.00 to 13.30 and from 16.00 to 20.00.
One-day tickets have one date but can be used on either day and are all-day tickets.
Animals are not allowed inside the Palace.
There is no wheelchair access in the rooms of the Palace, except with support.

Between 1.30pm and 4pm, there will be a flying lunch in the Palace garden with several top goliardic chefs, with live music.
The ticket for the tasting includes the concert, but does not include food, which can be purchased on site.
During lunchtime, you’ll have the chance to buy bottles from producers not present at a special price to share.
We advise you to bring picnic towels, blankets and cushions so we can spread out on the floor and admire the trees of the palace.

Belém, Lisbon
Vinho ao Vivo returns to Belém, its favourite terroir.
From 9pm to 11pm there will be a dinner with the producers.
From 11pm to 12.30am there will be a concert party.
The ticket includes the concert and authentic wine from the producers present.
The concert will be announced shortly.

For the dinner with producers, tickets are only for sale until Jul 1st and has a limited capacity so it may seld out.

1-day meeting: 30€ (can be used on either day)
Dinner-Wine Festival Day 7, 9pm: 65€
Concert party Day 7, 11pm: 30€
2-day Meeting Pass: 45€
Combo Tasting 1 day and Dinner-Party: 85€
Total pass: 2-day tasting and dinner party: 95€
Prices including VAT

Pre-sale discounts:
We’ll have discounted pre-sales, which you should take advantage of without hesitation!
30% – Until 11 June
20% – Until 21 June
10%: – Until 2 July

How can I buy tickets?
You can buy at the entrance to the event or at BOL via the link
You can also buy at the Os Goliardos garage in Campolide, but only in person.

Will it be possible to buy the wines that will be tasted?
Yes. We’ll have special prices during the week following Vinho ao Vivo, between 7th and 15th July. You can place your order by emailing Free deliveries in Lisbon from 50 euros onwards or 10 euros extra for smaller orders. We ship to other locations. You can contact us for more information.

Selection of Producers
A constantly updated list!

Viúva Gomes, Lisbon, Colares
Vale da Capucha, Lisbon, Torres Vedras
Las Vedras, Lisbon, Torres Vedras
Casa Pratas, Lisbon Premiere!
COZs, Lisbon, Montejunto
Safado, Lisbon, Óbidos
Humus-Encosta da Quinta, Lisbon, Caldas da Raínha
Quinta da Serradinha, Lisbon, Leiria
Dominó, Alentejo
António Madeira, Dão
João Tavares de Pina, Dão
Beiorte, Dão
Quinta da Pellada, Dão
Salta-Muros. Inland Beira
Quinta da Palmirinha, Vinho Verde
Aphros, Vinho Verde
Tiago Teles, Vinho Verde | Bairrada
Vila Rachel, Douro
Ameztoy & Almeida, Douro
Quinta do Romeu, Douro, Mirandela
Val da Figueira, Porto/Douro
Churchill’s, Douro/Porto
Menina d’Uva, Planalto Transmontano

Xesteiriña, Galicia, Rias Baixas
Augalevada, Iago Garrido, Galicia, Ribeiro
Alvar de Dios, Toro & Arribes del Duero
Pablo Soldavini, Galicia, Ribeira Sacra
Bernabeleva, Madrid
Cinco Leguas, Madrid

L’Enclos des Braves, Sud-Ouest, Gaillac
La Pépière, Loire, Muscadet
Fay d’Homme, Loire, Muscadet
Juchepie, Loire, Anjou
Bellivière, Loire, Jasnières
Maisons Rouges, Loire, Jasnières
La Cadette, Burgundy, Vezelay
Giachino, Savoie

Bera, Piemonte, Asti
Braccia Rese, Piemonte
Cigliano di Sopra, Toscana
Marchionni, Toscana

Melsheimer, Mosel

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