Academy: wine club

To regularly experience a good selection of wines

The Academy was the garden where Plato taught philosophy to the Athenaeum. We also intend to transmit philosophy through wine.
In the Academy each academic periodically receives a package of wines, at home or in our stockplace in Campolide (Lisbon), Portuguese and not only, selected by us. There are several categories for different budgets and different throats.

What are the advantages of participating in the academy?
We believe that for learning about wine, we should first and foremost regularly taste different wines with quality, diversity of styles, ages, regions. The objective is to promote the learning of wines, mixed with pleasure, proving wines with knowledge and selection based on typicality, authenticity, quality and price. Avoid choosing wines in the supermarket by the label, or always choose the same bottle fearing a good spanking.
You can start and stop at any time, so just try once!

1. Packages panaché
the usual selection of the Academy to discover varied European wines, always different, with 3 price categories per package:

IMPULSIVOS: Box of 6 bottles, € 60 (€ 10 / bottle (average)

Box of 6 bottles, 75 € (12,5 € / bottle (average))

HEDONISTS: Box of 6 bottles, € 120 (€ 20 / bottle (average))

2. Thematic highlights
From time to time, without constant frequency or not we Goliardos, we promote with special prices a set of wines to discover a theme, such as a wine region, a grape variety or a producer, with a selection of goliárdica.

How to proceed
What to do to receive wines from the Academy?
just send us an email indicating your choice and delivery method

How often?
You can sign up to receive a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly package. You can also make an order on time.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by transfer, cash or ATM, depending on the form of delivery. For transfer the IBAN is: PT50 0033 0000 4569 0117 9690 5 (BCOMPTPL)

What forms of delivery?
We deliver to your home in the city of Lisbon from 50 € on order. To do this, indicate the telephone number, delivery address and preferred time. During daylight hours we deliver on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In post-work hours we deliver on Wednesdays. For orders of lower value, we deliver with an increase of 5 euros.

Do you want to receive a package this month?
Just send an email to

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