Veil Symposium

We are pleased to invite you to a unique time of knowledge sharing dedicated to some wines of very ancient tradition, produced in different parts of Europe. Sous-voile wines at first feel strange, and then enchant your taste. And they have managed to win the taste of many. Curiously, the most famous production regions are those of Jura and Jerez, the former from the northern hinterland of Europe, the latter from the maritime south: regions that are distant from each other and barely know each other. We thought it was only these regions that produced sous-voile wines, but we realized there are many others, and so we wanted to bring all these yeasts together and learn (and drink) together.

To what is the reason for the emergence of sous-veil wines in these regions? What do they have in common and what is different between them? How is the veil created and especially how is it maintained? Are there different types of yeasts that make up the veil within the same region and from region to region? Are there terroirs more conducive to one type of sous-voile wine than others? Is viticulture adapted to produce sous-voile wines? What are the conditions for a winery to produce them? What determines the difference between simpler wines and the finest wines?
In short, there are already many questions in the air, and many more to come.
That is why we have decided to hold a Symposium, and it will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you to take part in it!

Symposion means in Greek to drink together (sym meaning together; and póthein, “to drink”;).
In ancient Greece, it was a festive time when large quantities of wine were consumed, punctuated by precise rituals, in which participants discussed philosophical and cultural issues.

We Goliardos had a dream of organizing a Symposium that would bring together producers working with similar techniques, but often isolated from each other because of the same human boundaries that over time have rarely allowed them to learn and drink together.
In the Veil Symposium we will bring together, in a place where the humus is fertile, producers from different historical European regions of sous-voile wines, as well as other specialists in the field, so that they can present their beautiful ‘flowers’ to us, in a space for knowledge sharing that is built from different experiences in the field. The Symposium will therefore be a meeting composed of moments of sous-voile wine tasting and other more free moments of debate and conviviality.

An herd of pedigreed sous-voile wines from Jura, Jerez, Gaillac and Sardinia together for the first time for a generous meeting:
Producer Charline Labet (Domaine Labet, Jura)
Producer Nicolas Lebrun (L’Enclos des Braves, Gaillac)
Producer Fernando Hidalgo (Bodegas Emilio Hidalgo, Jerez)
Producer Willy Perez (Bodegas Luis Perez, Jerez)
Producer Davide Orro (Sardinia)
Prof. Marilena Budroni (University of Sassari, Sardinia)

The Symposium is aimed at all wine lovers, professional or amateur, producers, restaurant professionals or consumers, who wish to lift the veil and discover the wonders of solera.

9 a.m. Departure from Lisbon for the Encosta da Quinta winery (Alvorninha)
10h30 Reception
11h-13h30 Symposium with various plenary presentations
13h30 Lunch with buffet and sous-voile wines
15h00-18h30 Symposium with various plenary presentations
19h00 -20h30 Tasting with producers
20h30 Aperitif, dinner and music
23h30 End, return to Lisbon

In the form of a lecture, the speeches will try to address various topics, such as history and geography of the regions, viticulture, winemaking, aging, microbiology, style, consumption, and connection with food.
In order not to be speechless, the speakers will speak in their language of origin (French, Castilian, Italian). The slides related to the different presentations, will be subtitled in Portuguese/French/Castilian/Italian, to facilitate understanding, and a printed document with the contents in Portuguese/French/Castilian/Italian.

At the end of each talk there will be time for questions and exchange with other speakers and the audience, tasting a wine from the producer who just spoke.

Lunch and dinner provided by Tua Madre restaurant.
We are honored to have with us Francesco Ogliari, chef of the Tua Madre restaurant in Évora, and Romina Bertolini of the Tati restaurant in Lisbon as his right-hand woman, who will prepare a menu for everyone designed especially for this day. Meals will be served buffet style, seated at the table, and a vegetarian option will be available.
Location: Encosta da Quinta
Encosta da Quinta, in Alvorninha, better known as Humus, opens its doors so we can talk about wine in a large, welcoming space surrounded by vineyards.

There will be a bus that will make the round trip from Lisbon (Starting point: Feira da Ladra, Campo de Santa Clara).
The price per person is 8 euros. The number of people will be limited, so reservations are required.

Certificate of Participation
A certificate of participation in the Symposium will be issued to those who wish to do so, attesting to the time dedicated to professional training.

Participation fee
The price per participant is 120 euros. It includes lecture, tasting, lunch and dinner, with wines.
There is registration for the entire day only. The event has a limited number of participants; you can register while places last.

How to register
To purchase your sous-voile ticket, simply send an e-mail to
– name of participants
– email and phone contact information
– indication if you want to take the bus from Lisbon (8 euros/person round trip)
– billing information.
After confirmation of the available place, you have 48 hours to make the payment by bank transfer or in person at the Goliardos garage in Campolide (Lisbon). Only once payment is made is the reservation guaranteed.
Registrations can only be made by December 8, and there will be no access to the Symposium for those who have not properly registered.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you at this extraordinary goliardic event!

Address: Rua General Taborda, nº91, Lisboa (Campolide)
Landline phone: (+)351 21 3462 156
Tel Golias (équipe): (+)351 91 020 0807

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