The team

We are terroirists with large throats, activist for the defense of authentic wines, we work with passion to promote crafted producers.

Nadir Bensmail
Goliardic Commander-in-Chief, Managing-Partner, responsible for the management and selection of the wines.
He was born in 1975 in Oran and brought up in Toulouse. His passion for wine led him to abandon his blurry idea of pursuing a career as an economist in Paris. Then, he created Os Goliardos and promised never to drink water again. An eloquent man who also has a thirsty will to investigate the depth of things, unifying the wisdoms of the East and the West – this is why we call him the Grand Vizier.

Sílvia Mourão Bastos
Goliardic-Mama, Managing-Partner, responsible for the tutorials, courses, tastings, events and marketing.
She was born in 1973, in the city of Lisbon, where she grew up and made herself a woman before studying Sociology. The restlessness and the will to know different cultures made her travel and live abroad for many years, in Holland and France. Upon her visits to small wine producers in many countries she discovered a world of utopia. She came back to her roots in order to create Os Goliardos, to promote the vineyard and the wine culture with sensibility and humanism beyond borders and without silly nationalisms. She is our tutor and spokesperson, and she does it with an effortlessly powerful and warm tone.

Miguel Vale
Already a well-known face in the theater and in the television world, Miguel is the latest arrival, and is becoming the ultimate revelation of the Goliardos year. He spares no efforts to be an inescapable salesman of goliardic wine, with generosity, impulsivity, and a youthful dynamism welcome in the middle of forty with hard beards and gray hair team. Multi-skilled, he goes from accounting to maintenance and logistics with forays into the image and computer part as a goliardo jumps from white to red bouncing to cider. We’re offering him a seat so he can get his head straight. He has become a central piece of the puzzle and dominates all corners and tunnels of the Goliardos’ basement as it hunts the mousiness with mastery.

Francisco Antunes
Good-natured graduated in oenology, gained heat in harvests in several farms, namely in Quinta da Serradinha, where ladybugs make him happy. He introduced calm and kindness to the Goliardos, to smooth the edges and boils of other elements. It is best known as “France”, although the only relationship with France is Penha de França. Curious taster and fan of sharing, the vast palette of wines and goliardic approach called his desire and feels like a sea bass inside the ocean of wines from the garage, with eyes shining. In a short time, he dived deep and knows how to navigate in different waters, with preference for the relationship with professionals and amateurs, where he reveals his commercial spine, with a taste for human contact and communication. Never afraid to try new areas and has a motivating team spirit, forming with Miguel a fusional and complementary double, which does not miss anything…or almost. The new generation is evolving the quotas with renewed Bacchus energy.

Manuel Amaral Beja
Referee-Partner, he doesn’t work at Os Goliardos but that does not mean he drinks less than the three above. With his flying eagle eye, he is the invisible member who is irreplaceable in his support over the management strategies. He understands that Os Goliardos is more of a lifestyle than a business, and he only does so because he is a good hedonist.

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