Uvelhas Negras Collection

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the wines that were co-produced between Os Goliardos and the most daring producers of our time, and that you can only find them… at our store!

So far we have collaborations with Quinta do Mouro, Adega do Monte Branco and Quinta da Pellada. Every single one of these wines are out of the normal wine’s “comfort zone”. They defy clever minds, they bend rules and make us step out of the normality in order to step into a new world of wine.
Wines crafted by talented producers with the thought provoking signature of Os Goliardos.
Character, originality and freshness in limited edition bottles. They are experiences, boldness, convictions. They are the way they are, Uvelhas Negras. Plain and simple, straight to the point.

Centurião 2009
Red, Quinta do Mouro, Alentejo
Made in Quinta do Mouro, it has a Goliardic nose and the moustache of Miguel Louro, the producer. A unique blend with an unforeseen freshness.
Grapes: Centurião, Alicante, Aragonez, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Petite Syrah. Aged in both old and new oak.

Cacho 2015
Red, Adega do Monte Branco, Alentejo
Made by Adega do Monte Branco, with a pinch of Goliardic salt, it searches both lightness and flown. A surprisingly straightforward wine.
Grapes: Aragonez, Alicante-Bouchet and Syrah, a pinch of Trincadeira, a touch of Arinto and Roupeiro to spark it up. Aged in stainless steel.

Óssio 2015
Red, Adega do Monte Branco, Alentejo
This wine’s grapes come from the Ossa ridge, which was named after the first inhabitants of this land, during the 9th Century: the Óssio people.
Grapes: Aragonês, Alicante-Bouschet and Syrah. Fresh and pure like the ridge itself, with a touch of the Middle Ages. It aged in stainless steel.

Pelluda da Pellada 2016
White, Quinta da Pellada, Dão
Grapes: Bical, Encruzado, Cerceal, Malvasia, Verdelho, Uva Cão
Granite Soil
Year 2016: Very hot summer
Vinification: aged in stainless steel, indigenous yeasts

Pelludo da Pellada 2015
Red, Quinta da Pellada, Dão
Made together with Álvaro Castro, Pelludo (the hairy one) is a wine without artifice that resonates the spontaneity of the Dão region, just like the hairy donkey that resides in Quinta da Pellada named Carriço. A great wine, pretty much!
Granite Soil
Grapes: Jaen, Tinta Roriz, and Touriga Nacional
Allotment: Base wine from the Outeiro parcel, with 20% of Touriga from the Caniças parcel. Base Outeiro is a wine from the allotment of Jaen and Touriga Nacional from Saes.
Year 2015: hot year, yet still giving fresh wines.
Aged in stainless steel.

Achada 2013
Red, Quinta da Pellada, Dão
Wine made with Álvaro Castro, with a delicate profile, alive and yummy, with floral aromas and the characteristic freshness of Outeiro.
Fresh year.
Granitic soils with sand.
Grape: Alfrocheiro
Parcels: Vinha do Outeiro
Sulphites: 25mg/l
Aged in used casks.

Achada 2014
Red, Quinta da Pellada, Dão
Wine made with Álvaro Castro, with a delicate profile with floral aromas and the characteristic freshness of the place., with soft tanins.
Grapes: Alfrocheiro and Jaen
Granitic soils
Year 2014: Balanced year

Gran Vizir 2011
Red, Quinta da Pellada, Dão
Made by Álvaro Castro, Gran Vizir is a profound wine that expresses the roots and the novelty of the Dão region, in an encounter with Oriental knowledge.
Granitic soil with with coarse sand and clay.
Grapes: 47 autochtonous grapes, with prevalence of Jaen.
Parcels: Allotment of old vines from Quinta da Pellada (47 autochtonous grapes with Negra Moura and Tinta Pinheira, but Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz) and Jaen from Quinta de Saes.
Aged in used casks.

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