Selection criteria

At Os Goliardos, we propose wines with typicality and without artifice – wines that respect their land and their people. These are wines that we import, export, distribute and commercialize in a variety of countries through our nomadic selection methods since 2005 (but to be honest, we had started drinking them way before that date). There are roughly 700 different wines in our list, from 7 different countries.

Our selection starts with lots of reading, lots of research and lots of drinking, pardon, tasting. When the wine charms us, we go and meet the producer and the setting where the wine is made. The real selection, however, is one that is done through time, in the personal relationship we sustain we the producers. We believe that to work with a producer isn’t simply to sell their wines. It is more about creating a connection in which we share the same approach and similar points of view in regards to the style of wine we like. It’s about supporting the producer’s perspective when it comes to their own path, knowing that it is a course in which success, rocky slopes and falls are all part of it.

Digest wines: Wines that are pleasurable to drink, singular wines with character and spirit, dry in the mouth but fresh to the senses, delicate, sure, out of the banality of the average wines we usually find. Gastronomic wines that don’t take a leading role at the dinner table, but instead create a beautifully balanced dialogue with the food and within ourselves.

Naturally authentic: Firstly, the production of these wines starts in the vineyard. Then, with demanding viticulture (mainly biologically and biodynamically) the vinification suffers hardly any human intervention and an ageing process that tunes it up. Wines with no makeup, far from the technological wines that are produced via some oenological protocol that makes them so uniform that they become vulgar. Wines made in the way of a craft, naturally, with talent, passion and knowledge in a way that enables them to express its origin.

Humanism: Wines with humanism and knowledge, inserted in a context of History and Geography – because wine is the celebration of civilization, with openness, debate, depth and joy.

No borders: This is only possible because of the wine’s own singularities, enabling us to travel through different regions. Wines without borders that favor intercultural exchange, that boldly carry a symbiosis between their human heritage and the direct influence they had (and have) in Humanity, from literature to culinary, from science to music, etc.

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