What we do

We Commercialize terroir wines, selected with criteria after our expeditions to different regions and producers.

We import authentic wines of different countries, directly from the producers. These wines are original and most of them exclusive in Portugal.

We export wines to Spain, France, Italy through partners who share our taste for terroir wines.

Wine Courses: We train both amateurs and professionals in the business by doing fun and engaging gatherings.

We Distribute wines to cellars, restaurants and bars which look for singularity in their selection and we happily give advice when it comes to producing a wine list that should be adapted to their specific food menu.

We Organize Events related to wine: Group tastings and tutorials in many different languages; amateur gatherings with producers; a variety of parties. All orbiting around authentic wines.

We Cheer Up the Goliards Academy, a wine club in which each academician periodically receives a diversified selection of European wines with character.

We Produce the Vinho ao Vivo event: The European Terroir Festival occurs in July in co-production with A Margem, gathering 35 wine producers in Lisbon, who come to show their work to the public.

We Produce the Vini Corsari event: At the end of November, in the town of Barolo, Italy, we gather 30 European producers. This project is co-produced with Cantina Giuseppe Rinaldi.

We Create the UVELHAS NEGRAS Wine Collection, crafted by a variety of producers, together with Os Goliardos during the vinification process.

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